ECDIS Maris ECDIS900 Mk3


Multi Display and Rack Computer Mk3 offers the power and expandability in PC configurations as well as a variety in screen displays.

Hatteland displays:

• J Η19T14-Μ Μ D-xxx, 19 inch

• JH20T06-MMD-xxx, 20 inch

• JH20T17-MMD-xxx, 20 inch

• JH23T14-MMD-xxx, 23 inch LED

• JH27T11 -MMD-xxx, 27 inch Wide

• Industrial grade components & long life-cycle

• Rugged chassis design with military specification vibration absorbers

• Lockable front cover, optional IP-65 front (air intake on the side)

• Removable SDD and HDD options