ECDISPLUS Kelvin Hughes

ECDISPLUS from Kelvin Hughes is a unique package. It provides a turnkey ECDIS solution to meet all your fleet needs, all in one place.

ECDISPLUS includes hardware supply and installation, initial electronic and paper chart data supply, licence management, ChartCo updates and an IMO approved training package, all backed up with support from Kelvin Hughes’ global service network.

ECDISPLUS can be tailored to individual customer requirements and can range from the supply of single piece of ECDIS hardware through to a complete package.


Ten questions to ask your ECDIS provider...

What does the IMO ECDIS mandate mean for my fleet?

What ECDIS hardware do I need onboard?

Why buy equipment and data from the same company?

Who can provide global installation and support for my vessels?

Who is the best chart provider for my ECDIS requirements?

How can I keep my chart data up-to-date?

Electronic coverage keeps changing – how will I keep the charts up-to-date?

Managing my chart outfit is a real burden – who can I trust to do it for me?

Where can I get officially recognised and approved training for my crews?

What will my flag state require as an ECDIS backup?

ECDISPLUS answers all these questions simply and economically!