SRC CTW – 100

The SRC CTW 100 emergency two-way radiotelephone

Frequency range: 156.300MHz-156.875MHz
Transmit power: 3W (high), 0.5W (Low)
Modulation Mode: 16K0F3E
Channels: Single Channel: 19
Channel width: 25KHz
Battery: 7.4V (standard one-time long-lasting lithium battery and rechargeable lithium batteries each one)
Working hours: 8 hours (TX10, RX10, Standby80)
Waterproofing process: 1 meter underwater for five minutes size: 51 (W) x 33 (D) × 104 (H) mm.
Weight: 250g
Start-up time: 5 seconds

The product is delivered with Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Certificate in accordance with form 6.5.31