SRC CEP - 100


The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) compliant CEP100 is a 'state of the art' satellite distress beacon designed to operate in conjunction with the COSPAS-SARSAT International Satellite Search and Rescue System.

Designed to meet the most demanding regulatory approvals the SRC CEP100 is a Class 2, Category 1 EPIRB in a fully enclosed float free housing with a HRU that will release the beacon at a certain depth, the beacon will then automatically activate.

CEP100 with a built-in GNSS receiver transmits distress alert including self position of below 50 meters accuracy using CEO Satellite. In distress, the signal is transferred to Rescue Coordination Center (RCC) without delay through Local User Terminal (LUT) so that Search and Rescue goes in quick action.

CEP100 is compact, robust, and stylish and is formed to protect of a false alert.

CEP100 is designed to comply with IMO SOLAS requirement (GMDSS) and COSPASS-SARSAT technical standard (T.001).

CEP100 also transmits on 121.5MHz used for "Homing signal".

Below is report of beacon model features by Cospas-Sarsat: