iSealife Satellite TV


iSealife’ self-contained satellite antenna system provides the access to the high quality Satellite TV system in the open sea.You can enjoy satellite television, which provides the excellent high quality television system  out in the open sea and ideal for any kind of vessels. The system automatically identifies, acquires, and tracks the satellite signals from all DVB-compatible satellites.

iSealife provides users with hundreds of channels of uninterrupted,crystal-clear digital entertainment with CD-quality sound even in the heavy weather. With high-speed tracking, users will have non-stop access to their favourite channels.

iSealife satellite antenna system, with most advanced technology will provide Satellite Broadcasting programming in more waters around the world than any other marine antennas in the market .


· Recommended for boats 50 feet and over, providing a precise tracking performance and the highest signal reception.

· Fully Automated Satellite search and identification function system.

· Easy Installation - with just a single coaxial cable connecting from the dish to your power supply and receiver.

· High Quality Antenna - providing a 450mm diameter antenna for receiving Ku-Band satellite signal, and polarization eneabling powerful signal gain.

· iSealife Satellite System is DVB Technology (Digital Video Broadcasting) that is ideal for any kind of vessel.

· Enjoy all the benefits from Sky and Freeview Channels onboard just like you would at home.