DM200/DM300 Simplified Voyage Data Recorder

Product functionality

The DM200 S-VDR consists of Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) including a super rugged industrial maritime computer platform approved in accordance with IEC 60945 and a protective data capsule.

The DM200 S-VDR has a number of inputs e.g. the primary navigation sensors, radar display signals, two VHF radios as well as a number (up to six) dedicated microphones placed on the bridge work station. Also a separate Bridge Alarm Panel is placed on the bridge and connected to the S-VDR to give alarms in case of abnormal situations like malfunctions as loss of signals or power sources.

To save the 12 hours of data a highly secure protective capsule is connected to the DAU with a single cable. The protective capsule is able to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, shocks and vibration in accordance with the requirements of resolution A.694(17) and international standards acceptable by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The data recorded in the protected capsule can be replayed with the VDR Explorer, either for incident investigation or for training and education purposes. The VDR Explorer is a software application that is included in the system as standard.

In addition to the above the data can be transferred to a separate MS Windows based computer via a standard Ethernet cable for storage, replay or live play.