Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) is one of the leading products of the company. Its main function is to make real-time recording and saving, in a safe and recoverable way, of data and information on the physical state of vessel position change, command and control on vessel during the vessel navigation course, which is used to ensure safe navigation and analyze the cause of a navigation accident. It is also known as marine black box.

The latest generation of VDR product models launched by the company includes HLD-B2 and HLD-S2. Both models are international standard compliant, integrating state-of-art design schemes and used on about 5,000 vessels worldwide.



Product Features


» Embedded operating system, high reliability;

» Power Supply Input: DC 18-36 V and AC 85-265 V, 47-63 Hz;

» Compact, easy to install, suitable to be installed on different ships;

» Integrated interface for nonstandard speed log, direct connection to pulse signals;

» Flexible configurations, good adaptability;

» Real time playback software and interface provided, VDR and PC can be connected by Local Area Network, any PC on board can be used to replay or copy the ship data;

» Some optional components can be selected: Removable Storage Module, Data Acquisition Unit etc.

» Detailed log backup, remote fault diagnosis;

» Inmarsat interface, long distance annual performance test (additional devices required).

Equipment List



» Main Unit (MU

» System Control Unit (SCU)

» Power Supply Unit (PSU)

» Protected Data Unit (PDU)

» Microphone Assemblies Indoors and Outdoors

» Playback Software


» Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

» Removable Storage Module (RSM)

» Compass Interface

» Remote System Control Unit


Technical Specifications Main Unit

» 16 Channels of NMEA0183/IEC61162 signals, 4800-115200 bps supported;

» 4 audio channels:

· 9 Microphone interfaces,

· 3 standard VHF interfaces,

· 2 nonstandard VHF interfaces;

» Up to 4 channels of video input for Radar, ECDIS, CCTV etc.;

» 8 Port 100M Ethernet Switch for maintenance, downloading and other applications;

» 1 channel isolated pulse input (passive or active, configurable) for speed log.

Power Supply Unit

» Input voltageDC 18-36 V, AC 85-265V, 47-63Hz;

» OutputDC 24 V, Max. 10 A;

» Max. Output power300 W;

» Input-output isolation voltageAC 3000 V (1 min), DC 2000 V (1 min);

» Backup battery supply time> 2h;

» Interface busRS-232 C.

System Control Unit

» Power supply24V/0.2 A;

» Display of malfunction and alarm;

» Data backup operation.

Microphone Assemblies

» Frequency range: 10012 kHz;

» Panel Installation (Indoors);

» Special protecting housing (Outdoors);

» Special Audio Chamber, to improve recording effect and audio quality.


Protected Data Unit

» Storage time:≥12 h;

» Communication with Main Unit: Ethernet;

» Storage capacity: 2 GB, optional up to 8 GB;

» Operating system: Embedded Linux with high reliability and stability;

» Protecting container satisfies the specific requirements of IEC61996.

Removable Storage Module

» Embedded operating system with high reliability;

» LAN Interface, Communication protocols FTP, NFS, SAMBA Supported;

» Storage capacity: User selectable, 80 GB as a Standard;

» Storage time:≥30 days;

» Internal heat sink and shock absorption, onboard environment satisfied;

» Hot swap supported, Plug and Play supported;

» Portable, can be carried away in emergency.

Data Acquisition Unit

» Convert non-IEC61162 format data, such as analog, contact or other signals into IEC61162 format data;

» Different interface acquisition boards can be selected;

» Output data (to Main Unit) format is in compliance with IEC61162.