Transas VDR/S-VDR 3200 is intended to record vital information related to the vessel’s operation. It is a type-approved compact and lightweight solution, which meets and exceeds IMO and IEC requirements.

The system is intended for safe collection and storage of voyage data such as ship position, movements, physical condition, bridge commands etc. for a defined time period, with the ability of later playback.


Transas VDR / S-VDR 3200 configuration

· Main Electronic Unit (MEU)

· Indoor/Outdoor Microphones

· Remote Alarm Unit (RAU)

· Uninterruptible Power Supply Unit (UPS)

· Final Recording Medium - Capsule (fixed or float free)

· VDR/S-VDR 3200 software

· External Playback Utility in accordance with the requirements of IEC 61996-2/61996

· Navi-Sailor 4000 ECS application for visualization of vessel’s position on electronic chart and data display


Technical Specification

MEU unit

The MEU is based on a compact computer and contains all equipment necessary to meet mandatory VDR / S-VDR requirements. The unit is supplied with a UPS unit providing in excess of the minimum requirement of power to the computer for over 2 hours of audio recording during a blackout.

MEU parameters:

· 9 microphones + 1 VHF or 6 microphones + 2 VHF input channels

· 8 NMEA/IEC 61162 input channels

· AIS input channel or expansion at 38400 baud

· 2-line status display

· 18 LEDs on front panel to show the data activity

· LAN port for downloading of data to a laptop PC

· Audible and visual alarms

· Push buttons for control of the basic functions

· Radar picture frame grabbers (optional for S-VDR*)

· 2 RS-232 COM ports for ADDA converters connection (option)

· Incorporates ECS software

*Mandatory for S-VDR if radar onboard is equipped with proper video output.

MEU Dimensions - H600 x W400 x D155mm


Highly sensitive and self adjusting microphones for audio signal recording.

Dimensions - H124 x W50 x D25mm

Remote Alarm Unit

Audible and visual alarms.

RAU Dimensions - H124 x W50 x D25mm

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Prevention of blackouts, brownouts, sags and surges from reaching the MEU computer.

UPS Dimensions - H300 x W250 x D155mm


Reliable and cost effective VDR/S-VDR capsules:

· VDR / S-VDR Hardened capsule by KOTEL (DRV100)

· VDR / S-VDR Fixed capsule by L3 Communications (SVR)

· S-VDR Float Free capsule by Jotron (TRON)